The variable quality of forage is the single most important factor affecting the productivity of dairy herds.

Amaferm® increases the animal’s innate ability to digest a wide variety of forages by increasing fibre and starch digesting gut microbiota and thereby the production of microbial enzymes.

No matter what the season or variations in forage, Amaferm® ensures a better, higher, and more stable milk production–increasing the overall profitability.

Amaferm® is a precision-designed prebiotic created through a controlled and patented multi-step fermentation process of a proprietary strain of Aspergillus oryzae.  Amaferm® enhances digestibility by increasing the rate of degradation and amplifying the nutrient supply from the rumen.

By amplifying the microbial capacity of the rumen Amaferm increases the rate of fibre and starch fermentation and increases the efficiency of nutrient utilisation.

The mode of action of Amaferm® primarily involves stimulation of gut microbiota which improves Intake, feed Digestibility and nutrient Absorption.

Anaerobic fungi inhabit the rumen and actively degrade plant cell walls, they are unique among rumen microorganisms in that they penetrate the protective cuticle allowing better utilisation of the forage.  Amaferm® fuels and promotes higher fungal growth.

Amaferm® primarily acts by increasing and accelerating : Fungal Growth, Microbial Enzyme Activity, Bacterial Growth and Digestion.

Feeding Amaferm® to lactating cows enhances the ruminal and apparent total tract digestibility of organic matter, starch, protein and (mostly) the fibre fractions NDF and ADF.  Amaferm® is also associated with improved rumen fermentation, resulting in higher production of volatile fatty acids (+ 16%) and microbial protein (+ 31%).

Amaferm® also improves crude protein digestibility by 10% and has been shown to increase production of microbial protein by up to 150 grams.  One hundred grammes of microbial protein is equivalent to 650 grams of soya beans. So Amaferm® is an effective tool for assuring better health and milk response but also saving on crude protein costs.

The single most important factor that determines animal performance is improved nutrient intake. Intake is controlled by many factors, including physical fill and energy requirements.  Amaferm® increases digestion, which allows the cow to eat more feed.  Research shows Amaferm® improves DMI (Dry Matter Intake) by up to a kilo or 3% per day.  It has also been demonstrated that feeding Amaferm® increases water intake, in trials by a massive 17%.

Amaferm® leads to a better milk response across all lactation cycles, with a minimum of 3.8% increase across all lactation phases and a minimum of 4% increase during early lactation.

Over 120 published and/or presented research studies have proven Amaferm's mode of action, its impact and ultimately the benefits to the farmer.